In the present age, getting into a relationship might not be the best decision. There are many individuals who are in a relationship only for sex. Once their partner will not be able to fulfill their requirements, they will leave him or her for someone else. There are many women who have been betrayed like this several times. That is why they have decided that they will never get into a relationship. However, the only issue is that they have to meet the demands of their body. That is why they go for one night sex. However, protection is very important in this case. Here are some of the ways you can protect yourself.

Check The Tests If Available

When you are selecting your one night sex partner, it is better that you ask him about any STD tests that he might have taken before. The reason is that if you will know the type of disease he is suffering from it would be easier to decide, whether he is the right person for you or not. However, the issue is that most people do not get their tests done only for sex approval. Other who have been tested and diagnosed will not show you the results because they want to have sex as much as you do.

Know Where To Stop

It is better that you know where to stop while having sex in order to protect yourself.

1. Before having sex, it is important that you clearly explain the boundaries that both of you will have to follow.

2. It is important that you learn to say no when you are getting uncomfortable or you notice that things are getting out of your control.

3. Do not try any type of positions or sex in which the chances of transmission of germs is highest.

Carry Your Own Condom

During sex, safety comes first. Many ladies feel shy and they think it is not good to carry a condom. However, you should know that nothing is more important than your own protection. Most of the men do not like the idea of a condom that is why they will not bring one and pretend like they forget. Having your own condom is very important for the one night stand because you do not know whether the person is healthy or not. Safe sex is very important if you are planning to have a bright future. You can easily hide the condom in many different ways. So, assure that you always have one.

Do Not Get Drunk Before Sex

A common mistake most women make is they get drunk before their one night sex. This is the reason they are unable to control their emotions and they might make a mistake that will lead to transmission of some dangerous diseases. It is better that you do not get drunk. Even if drinks are important for you to get into the mood, it is better that you stay sober, so you can enjoy sex in the best possible and know when you have to stop. Getting drunk will allow your partner to do anything with you that he wants and you cannot allow it. So, one night sex and drinks might not be a good option.

Make sure that you wisely select your one night stand partner. You have to assure that he is cooperative and will understand what you are expecting. That is the only way you will have the best one night stand. Make sure to enjoy these moments.