A one night stand is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world. Men and women both, enjoy the ability to have fun while not having any obligations. At the same time, there are always situations when you may want to have more than a one night stand. You might enjoy it so much that you either want to try it again or start a relationship.

There is no book for one night stands and how you should act. Without a book many people have questions such as, is it okay to contact each other after a one night stand?

Let's examine some of the questions related to contact after a one night stand.

Should I Text Him After A One Night Stand?

Typically a one night stand is a single encounter that is meant to be without any kind of attachment. You two will probably never see each other again. As we already mentioned though, people sometimes have a one night stand that goes so well that they want to contact someone after a one night stand. Should you though?

It is always okay to attempt to make contact with someone after a one night stand. Just know that you probably won't get an answer if the guy was focused on having a one night stand.

What To Text A Guy After A One Night Stand?

No rule book exists on what you can text a guy after a one night stand. That being said, there are some logical assumptions that you can make about what to text. One of them is that you should be interesting and suggestive. Part of making a guy want to talk to you after a one night stand is catching his attention. Being suggestive without being completely straight forward helps to do that.

Do be aware that in most cases you won't want to text a guy after a one night stand. There is a difference between a one night stand and a date. When you text after, that would make it more of a date.

Can I Ask To Be Friends With Benefits?

If both parties enjoyed the one night stand there is always the chance that both of you will want to be friends with benefits. Even guys can be nervous to be the first one to ask so sometimes you might have to take the initiative. Go ahead and text the guy, ask if he would be interested in being friends with benefits. Usually it is better to send a text instead of call, it is easier for both sides.

Should I Contact Him Right Away?

After an extremely entertaining one night stand you might want to contact the guy. We have already mentioned several times that that might be okay, depending on the situation. If you are going to contact him and know that you will wonder if you can contact the guy right away. The answer is no. Do not contact the guy right away.

Contacting him so soon can be a sign that you are needy or not willing to have a casual relationship. Wait until at least the next day before contacting him. It is usually a good idea to wait until the afternoon or evening of the next day so that you don't look like you are jumping on the idea of something more than a one night stand. Plus, some guys like the shy appearance.

A one night stand is an exciting adventure that you will want to try throughout your life. Having friends with benefits or a recurring thing can be even more exciting. You will build up a level of trust that will allow you to be able to try new things. Use this guide to help you determine whether or not to contact someone after a one night stand.