Online dating is all about the message. You don't get to portray yourself as much with your body, actions, and the like. One night stand websites and regular dating sites have the same thing in common. How do you get their attention though?

Utilizing clever pick up lines with one night dating online will help you to maximize your potential of getting a match. Here are 5 clever pick up lines for one night stand sites and some tips on what not to do.

Clever Pick Up Lines

Tailor Your Pickup Line To The Profile

The best pickup lines use the person's profile to craft your message. Look at the pictures and read through it. Be clever but don't be overly corny. For example, if they like to play video games connect with them on that.

Be Original

People get jokes about their names and their preferences all the time. For the most part all of them have been used. If you are going to come up with a pickup line based on their name, be original.

Find A Good Joke

A reliable joke that makes people laugh every time is great. Finding the right joke for a one night stand website can take a bit of time. You want to test your joke out on other people before you start using it on one night stand sites.

Truth Or Dare

One night stands are meant to be exciting, why not make it even more thrilling. Start with the first message of "truth or dare." Make sure that you have a good truth and a good dare ready. Don't be overly sexual with either. Just enough to be attractive.

Be Honest About Not Having A Line

Sometimes being honest about not having a clever pick up line is the most clever line you can have. Try saying that you couldn't come up with a creative pick up line because the one night dating partner was too attractive. Or maybe you were too busy enjoying their profile or pictures to come up with one.

What Not To Do

Don't Be Overly Sexual

Even when one night dating there is a point at which you are overly sexual. You are going to have to gauge the partner for your one night stand to see how sexual you should be.

Don't Be Crude

There is a difference between sexual and crude. Unless you are talking with a tomboy or something similar, being crude probably isn't the right way to go on one night stand sites.

Don't Use A Dick Pic As A Pickup Line

A dick pic is not the same as a pickup line. Don't start your one night dating with a dick pic. In almost all cases this will get you shut down right away. The 1% of cases this will work in will probably not be people you want to hook up with anyways.

Don't Be Depressing

Killing the mood is a very bad route to go when on a one night stand website. Depressing messages or messages that kill the mood can sometimes seem clever but think about how the message will look to your potential partner. The goal is to stimulate the mood.

Online dating is a different world for some people but it still comes down to the proper use of pick up lines for your one night dating. A one night stand can be as exciting as the pick up line that you use. Take the tips we have given you here and use them on your one night stand sites to get a partner.