There are many individuals who prefer to have a one night stand as compared to having a relationship. The reason is that there are no commitments in the one night stand and they can have the sex on their own terms. They have been able to find the best partner and they want to proceed with the relationship because they want more sex. The best relationship would be friends with benefits. However, they do not know how to make it possible. Here are some of the ways you can change one-night stand into friends with benefits.

Let Him/Her Know You Want More

The only reason you want to change one-night stand to friends with benefits is that you enjoyed the sex and chemistry that both of you had and would like to have more. It is important for you to find out that another person has the same feelings as you or not. You have to tell the other person know that you would like to have more and whether they feel the same way or not. If they want the same, you can proceed to the next level.

Set The Rules

Once you are clear that both of you want the best thing, it is important that you set the rules.

1. You should set the time that both of you would like to spend with each other.

2. Decide the time and type of sex that you would like to have and how many dates you would go on.

3. Let your partner know what to do is they start to like each other. Make sure that you stay true to each other because that is the only way of having the best relationship.

Plan The Dates And Nights Together

Once everything is planned, the next most important thing you have to do is planning the dates and nights. You have to know that in friends with benefits you will not only have sex but also you have to become friends with each other. It is important that you plan a few dates to the favorite places that you have in common. Spending time will help you understand the likes and dislikes of each other that would allow you to have more fun while having sex. You will only focus on doing what the other person likes the most during sex.

Do not get too attached

A common mistake most individuals make is that they get too attached to the person they are in friends with benefits relationship with. Make sure that if you are getting too attached to the person you are in friends with benefits relationship with. You have to assure that you stay within your limits because that is the only way you can enjoy sex for a long time. Assure that you avoid sharing too much information with them because in this way you will get closer to them. As well as you have to assure that you only share the superficial information during the date and not your secrets.

There are many amazing dating sites where you can find people who are ready to get into one night stand and friends with benefits relationship. Make sure that you find the best person for the relationship because that is the only way you will enjoy having sex with the partner. If you want you can change your partner any time you like. Assure that you enjoy having sex with the one that you like the most and share your desires with the partner, so you can have the best time.