There are many individuals who have got their heart broken so many times that they do not believe in love anymore. They think that love and dating is not for them. However, in order to maintain their sexual requirements, they maintain the NSA(No Strings Attached) relationship. The only issue is that they are scared they might fall in love with their partner. In order to help you avoid such situation, here are some of the tips to help you out.

Set Some Rules

First, it is important that you set some rules. Let your partner know about the rules as well so both of you can have a mutual understanding.

1. The rules can be about how many times you will meet.

2. The number of times you are allowed to have sex a week and what is the condition in which you can break the rules.

3. What to do if one of you have fallen for the other and have to deal with the situation nicely.

Make sure that you stick to the rules and do not break them at any cost.

Do Not Give Any Double Meanings

A common mistake most individuals make in the NSA relation is they give double meanings. They do not even know that they are doing this to their partner. This is the reason that they often have to break up and find a new person who is ready to maintain the relationship. Assure that you pay attention to your body language and the way you are engaging with the other person. Assure that you do not flirt or be extra rude. Your attitude should be like a friend so that your partner will not feel like you are falling for them or using them.

Be Clear About What You Want

There are many individuals who are interested in the NSA relationship but the only issue is that they do not share their desires clearly. This is the reason they are not satisfied with the relationship and think that the only way to enjoy is having a long term love relationship. If you are open and clear with your partner. You will not have to deal with this issue. Try to understand what your partner wants and you will notice that with mutual understanding how amazing the relation will be. You will be able to enjoy with your partner for a long time.

Keep It to Sex Only

In case you are afraid that you might not be able to follow the rules and regulations of the NSA relation if you meet often, it is better that you keep to sex only in the beginning. Do not meet your partner for dates or dinners and let them know you will need some time to get comfortable to the idea of NSA relationship. It might take some time but eventually, you will get used to the idea of maintaining the relationship without getting attached to the other person. Make sure that you give the same space to your partner. NSA relationship is based on understanding and trust because that is the only way you can enjoy without falling in love.

It is important that you select your partner wisely for the NSA relationship. There are many individuals out there who are ready to work on this type of relationship and would follow all the rules that you have. Assure that you stick to the rules because that is the only way you can properly maintain the relationship and enjoy your life the way you want without falling in love.