You've had a one night stand and now you're curious if it will go any further. While the majority of one night stands will be just that, there are a few that will turn into two night stands or even a casual sex relationship. How do you know if that's the case for you? You'll need to look for these four signs that he likes you.

He Gets in Touch After

The biggest clear sign is what he does afterwards. Most men after a one night stand will not get in touch. Whether you gave him your number or not, he'll decide to delete it and move on. After all, he had no intention of getting in touch after the night.

However, a guy who does get in touch may like you for something more than the one night. This usually depends on the way he gets in touch. If it's to arrange another night, there are chances he wants to set up some sort of casual relationship. The guys who get in touch to chat and see how your day went may be interested in something more. They want to strike up a friendship and may want a more serious relationship.

The best way to see if this could be serious is to look at how he gets in touch. Any guy can grab your number. Those who really like you will get in touch via social media. They'll even go as far as adding you as a friend instead of just getting in touch via private messages.

He Makes Plans with You

Another major sign that he likes you after a one night stand is if he makes plans to see you again. This could be to hang out as friends or he may want to arrange another night. Either way, he is interested in more than just the one night.

Some men don't outright make plans. They drop hints to arrange something after the one night stand. They want to see if you're interested in doing something more.

When the plans are in the day, you can definitely assume that he's interested in something more than that one night stand. He wants to risk that he's seen with you or may even want his roommate know that he's interested.

He Brings You Over to His Place

Most men who want a one night stand will arrange to go to the girl's place. This way, he gets to sneak out in the middle of the night and doesn't have to deal with the awkwardness in the morning if he's at your place. After all, he can just make his excuses and go. If you're at his, there's more chance you'll stick around and he needs to kick you out!

The men willing to bring you over to their place may be interested in something more. They don't mind chatting to you the next day. No, this doesn't mean relationship, but it could mean casual sex if you're interested. Of course, that can lead to something else.

He'll Tell You

Men don't play mind games in the way that many women can. They're more likely to just say outright what they want. They don't drop hints, because they don't like the hinting games themselves. So, if they're really interested in seeing you again, you can guarantee that they will tell you in some straight-forward way.

Those who are interested will more likely say that they want to set up another date at the time or they'll text after. The men who aren't interested will just not call or text. They won't accept friend requests on Facebook and they won't find another way to get your number (such as through a mutual friend). This is their direct way of saying they're just not interested.

Give him the chance to make the next move after a one night stand. Those who are interested will make it clear within a couple of days. Granted, this doesn't mean a relationship but it could mean something in the future, even just a little bit of fun.

What you'll need to do is decide if you're interested in something more. Was this just a one night stand for you or would you be interested in turning it into something a little more serious? Don't play mind games with the guy. Let him know outright if you're interested in something more or not and let him move on.