One night stands have been a popular way of exploring your sexuality and enjoying yourself for centuries. With the power of the internet, finding a partner for a one night stand is even easier. Plenty of websites exist across the internet to help you match with someone else.

Tinder is one of the best websites to find a ONS, or one night stand. The lack of detailed profiles, the ability to remain anonymous, and the focus on profile pictures, makes it the perfect platform to utilize.

How do you go about using Tinder to find a ONS though? Keep reading to find out.

Create A ONS Style Account

There is no way to create an account with an indication that you are looking for a one night stand. That being said, your Tinder account can be set up to make it more appropriate for searching for a one night stand.

Remove any information that is identifying from your profile. That means, no names, no pictures of friends or family, no super informative information in the profile section. You want to create a profile that makes someone interested in sleeping with you without creating a connection.

Your first picture should be one of your best shots of your face. It should highlight what is attractive about your face from the best angle. Do not be afraid to consult some friends about your profile picture.

A minimum of three pictures should be included in your profile. You want to demonstrate with your photos why you are a good match, both physically and socially. In addition to the first three pictures, you can add a fourth if you can't knock it out of the park with the first three.

Don't forget to smile.

Swipe Right On People You Are Immediately Attracted To

Swipe right on those that you are immediately attracted to. This helps to prevent you from considering a potential user too much. What you don't want to do is overthink the process and become attached to a user.

At the same time, make sure that you do look at the pictures. Swiping right on everyone is a great way to end up with a lot of scammers and people you aren't attracted to. Just don't analyze the pictures.

With all of this being said. Don't only go for the girls that you find a 10. This will be a waste of your time. Not every 10 is going to want to sleep with you. Instead, consider women of any number that you are attracted to.

Communicate Properly

In most cases, saying something like "Let's fuck" is not a good way to get a one night stand. You want to catch the other user's attention. Try to come up with something witty or funny.

After you have their attention, ask them what they are interested in and be relatively up front about what you are looking for too.

A Same Day Goal

Just like Amazon Same Day Delivery, you are looking to set the goal of getting together with your ONS partner the same day. Responding to messages promptly will help with this. To help with this, avoid drawn out message chains.

Do Not Lead People On

One of the most important parts of using Tinder to find a ONS is to not lead people on. Do not make people think you are interested in a relationship when you are not. Be honest that you are looking for a one night stand. While not a direct violation of the Tinder terms, you are likely to get reported if you lead enough people on. It also just isn't a nice thing to do.

Tinder can help you to quickly get a one night stand every night of the week if that is what you are looking for. What you need to do in order for this to happen, is to think tactically. Plan out every move in order to make the whole operation come together smoothly.

Use the tips we have provided to make sure you get that ONS. Don't be afraid to share tips in the comments section as everyone can contribute to this list.