Flirting is an art that everyone can not master. There are many individuals that would love to flirt with others but they do not know how to do it perfectly. The reason is that they become too sappy or too shy that it becomes hard for them to convey the right message. However, those times are gone when the only way you can flirt was when you meet your crush face to face. This is the age of technology and that are many apps available that will allow you to flirt with your crush online.

You can use the one night stand app to fulfill this task and assure that he will go out on a date with you. We know that you are not great at flirting. Do not worry because here we have the collection of some tips that will help you flirt perfectly with your crush. Buckle because we are about to go on a bumpy ride.

Keep It Casual - The Small Talks

Make sure that you are not too clear in the beginning. It is better that you keep the thing simple and causal in the beginning so that the other person will not get the wrong meaning. You have to assure that you start the conversation with casual greetings like Hi, hello stranger or hey beautiful. Do not put too much thought into it because it will get confusing. After that when you get a respond make sure that you start with the small talks. Keep it simple because that is the only way you will know more about the other person. It will help you find out that whether they would like flirting or not.

Joke Around And Use Emoticons

Once you notice that the other person is getting comfortable around you make sure that you start joking. Nothing can impress a woman better than jokes. Make sure that you share some amazing real-life jokes that will her feel more comfortable around you. You have to assure that you start using emoticons in the texts. You can begin with the smiley or wink face in the beginning because it is a better choice. Be funny so that you can show the other person that you have a humorous side.

Give Her A Nickname

It is important that you take it slow because that is the only way you can make her more comfortable around you and she would love to talk to you. You have to show her that she is special for you and to make it possible you can give her nicknames.

  • Use decent names like darling, gorgeous, honey or beautiful.
  • Make sure that you use the nickname once a while in your chats.
  • Wait for her to give you a nickname because of the girl is getting interested there are chances that she will soon have a nickname for you as well.

Avoid Getting Drunk

A common mistake that most of the individuals do is that they get drunk even before having casual sex so that they will not have to deal with the judgments. You should know that it is not the right way to have casual sex. When you will get drunk you might not pay attention to what you are doing and there are chances that you will clearly forget about your safety. So, keep the drinks aside when you are getting ready for the hot night.

Compliment Her Online Pictures

You might have seen her profile picture several times, so make sure that you compliment about it. Tell her that how pretty she is looking in the picture. All her parts of the body like curves, eyes, and lips that you can see clearly in the picture, make sure that you compliment her about them. Remember that the best way to impress a girl is by complimenting her. Girls love it when some appreciate her beauty or features. So, when she is getting warm around you make sure that you compliment hr as much as you can.

When You Get Good Response Heat The Things Up

There are chances that soon you will start getting a positive response. It is the time that you start heating up the things. The reason is that other person trusts you and they will know that you are not going to harm them. This is the reason that you can use some cheesy lines and show her that you are interested in her. You will notice that she will start responding as well with amazing comments and if she is like you there are chances that she will start to flirt in response with you. Make sure that you take it as your golden opportunity.

Do Not Be Too Clingy Or Vulgar

A common mistake that most of the guys make is that they get too clingy with the girls. They will try to control their life only after the few days of texting. It is the worst thing that you can do because you have only been flirting and she can shut you out anytime she wants. In the same way, you should avoid using vulgar language. Most of the girls do not like such kind of language and she will block you. So, if you are planning to be with her assure that you are funny and decent and not vulgar or clingy.

Steal A Date Idea

Once you have noticed that things are getting heated up between you two, it is the time that you ask her out on a date. Before you start flirting make sure that she already does not have a boyfriend because your hard work will be wasted that way. Assure that you make your first date special by taking her out on cafes and picnics. You can have a tour of the city with her that will show her that you like her personality.