Casual dating is fun and commitment free. There's nothing wrong with finding someone who wants the same thing, allowing you to not worry about everything else that comes with dating. Online one night stand dating site can be a good place to find casual sex, as long as you do it safely. Here are the dos and don'ts of casual dating online to make sure everyone is happy and you're safe.

DO: Be Upfront

Before you start talking to someone online, make sure they're aware of what you're looking for. This is a little easier on a dating site that's designed for casual dating. When you've chosen to go on one of these, you can usually step back and not worry so much about it. However, if you're on a dating site that is for long-term dating and serious relationships as well as casual one night stand sex, just be upfront with whoever you're talking to.

You can do this politely, by making it clear in your profile that you're not looking for something serious. It's also possible to let someone know in your opening message that you're looking for no strings attached relationships. You're more likely to find someone interested in the same thing by doing this.

DON'T: Expect Others to Want the Same Thing

Unless you're on a one night stand dating site, don't expect everyone else to be interested in the same thing. There will be people on dating sites looking for serious relationships. Those on the casual dating sites are likely looking for the same thing because of the name of the sites, but do bear in mind that some people may not be aware.

Don't jump down someone's throat for not wanting something serious.

DO: Set Ground Rules

Having a set of rules for the relationship is important, especially if this is more than a one night stand. One of the rules you'll need to have is what to do when one person starts to find themselves attached. The whole point of casual dating is to have fun.

Do you both call it off right away? Could you check if the other person's feelings have changed? Set up the ground rules first, so there are no hurt feelings.

DON'T: Message If You're Going Out Of Town Immediately After

If you're not going to be available within the next seven days for your casual date, then don't bother messaging someone. While you want it to be casual, you need to remember that the other person has a life and feelings. If you say you're going out of town, the person messaging you is going to assume you're too busy with other casual relationships and they will move on.

There is a chance you're really going out of town on business. If that's the case, wait until you're back to start setting up casual dates.

DO: Have A Conversation About Condoms

Who's bringing the condoms? In an ideal world, both of you will just to be on the safe side, but the world isn't ideal, right? More often than not, there's miscommunication or bad presumptions. The woman believes the man will bring them because, well, he's a man. The man may believe the girl is on another form of birth control.

But remember that it's not all about birth control. You'll also need to consider STIs. Having a conversation about condoms isn't a sign that either of you believe STIs are an immediate concern, but that you both just want to be safe.

By the way, if there are STIs to worry about, this should come up in conversation—along with afterwards if either of you find out you did have an STI at the time.

DON'T: Arrange Casual Sex With Friends

Pleasure and business just don't mix. The same applies to friends and your casual sex life. You want to keep your good friends out of the casual sex arrangements, even if you find them on the same hookup sites.

In fact, it can be worth deciding what you're going to do if you do find a good friend on the site. Do you discuss it with them or just ignore the fact that you've been potentially matched? There are chances that you will come up to friends in searches purely because the world is smaller than you would expect—and if you're friends, you likely have some of the same interests!

Be safe and set those ground rules when finding casual sex online. You'll enjoy yourselves together and avoid awkward moments.