10 Best One Night Stand Websites And Dating Apps

Casual dating and one night stands are extremely popular when it comes to online dating sites. People want the no strings attached relationships, working to their advantage in life and interests. That's why there are now many sites offering spaces to find casual hookups. Everyone goes in with the knowledge of what everyone else is looking for, so there's no upset and anger.

However, you want to find the best one night stand websites. You can't just go on every dating site and look for singles. Going to the wrong place will lead to disappointment and the believe that casual dating online doesn't work.

Whether you're gay, straight, bisexual, young, or old, there is something for you! There are plenty of one night stand sites that will offer exactly what you want or need. This review will look into the 10 best, giving you a look into what to expect, what users say about it, and sharing who it's good for. Take a look at the list of 10 best one night stand websites.

#1 AdultFriendFinder


The best one night stand site available is definitely AdultFriendFinder, or AFF to the members on the site. This is the largest community of people looking for casual hookups, one night stands, swinging, and so much more. It's designed specifically for those looking for a casual relationship or two. There's no need to feel guilty when you don't call the person the next morning! Everyone is there for the same reason.

AdultFriendFinder is extremely easy to sign up to. You will need to sign up to start browsing the site, which is a little annoying. This is especially the case on the mobile view. With the web browser view, you at least get the chance to look at some of the local profiles on the site, so you get to see a rough idea of the people currently using the site.

When you sign up, you'll get the chance to share whether you're straight or bisexual. There's the option to tick that you're looking for both men and women. You can also tick to say you're looking for a threesome or interested in swinging, which will help you truly find something that fits your desires.

  • Editor's #1 Pick
  • The World's Largest One Night Sex & Swinger Community
  • Meet Members on HD Live Cam Chat
  • Login without FaceBook
  • Instant Messenger
  • App-like Mobile Site
  • Huge Member Base - Monthly Visitors: 2.2 million +

#2 RealHookupSite


RealHookupSite.com - Another popular site for those looking for local one night stands, it is extremely easy to use. It's also beautifully laid out, bringing a sense of sensuality and passion to completely fit the brand.

One of the downsides is the drop down menu to start your search. It can force you into a corner, as you can only pick one option at first, but get past this point and you're opened to tick boxes. You have much more freedom, similarly to AdultFriendFinder.

You don't get to browse the profiles without actually creating your own. Creating the initial profile is completely free and then you can start browsing the hookups close to you. As you start filling out the profile, you'll start to see the number of people on the site in your location. This is usually a radius, so will cover people an hour or two out. That's not too back for a one night stand. The setting up of the profile takes time if you want to create one just to browse the site. Make sure you have time to get through it all so you're ready for any connections that come your way.

  • Best for Finding Local One Night Stands
  • Comprehensive Profile
  • App-like Mobile Site
  • Broad Growing User Base - Monthly Visitors: 1.2 million +

#3 Tinder


Some of you may wonder why this is on the list for one night dating, but Tinder has been a popular place for this for a long time. It all starts with a profile, encouraging you to search by preference of looks and style. Only once two are matched does it open the full profile and the ability to message. It's fast and painless, which is exactly what many want in their sex life!

This is a popular option when you want to take your online dating and hookup searches on the go. It's a mobile one night stand app, which you open up and just swipe left or right depending on your interests of the profile you spot. The people are in your general location, which takes on part of the equation out.

There is a relationship science behind it. The idea is that you'll be matched with people who have a similar personality or interests to you. However, the site doesn't help you set up one night dating as an interest easily, which can mean you do get some people expecting serious relationships. It's a mixed bag and you'll need to wade your way through.

One of the positives of the site is there's a blog attached. Even if you don't end up creating a profile, this is a useful space for tips on dating online - any type of dating - and for safety.

  • The Best One Night Stand App
  • A Large Active User Base
  • Location-based Dating App
  • Quick Registration
  • Facebook Connect Requirements

iOS | Android

#4 Okcupid


OKcupid is one of the oldest dating sites online, but it has continually updated with the times, OKcupid also offers dating app for iOS and Android. The focus is more about long-term dating, but during the signup process there is the option to click that you're looking for hookups. The site wants to keep people in their respective areas to make matching easier and avoid anger and hate.

One of the biggest downfalls is not being able to get into the site without signing up. You have no idea if there are people in your local area. Considering the size, there likely are, unless you live in the middle of nowhere. The signup process is easy though. You either do it through Facebook or through your email. It's completely up to you and it's free to do!

After that you get the longer profile creation where you need to add a profile picture before you move on. You can grab photos from the computer or social media, but you need to add something. If you're only looking to browse right now, that could be a turn off.

  • Best Mainstream Dating Site With App for Finding Hookup
  • Quick Match - Potential Matches
  • Upgrade to Get VIP Membership

iOS | Android

#5 Zoosk


Zoosk opts for the more traditional layout for a dating site, making it extremely easy to sign up and browse the profiles. The site boasts a whopping 40 million users and 3 million daily messages sent. This is a widely used option and extremely popular for the hookups and casual daters out there.

To encourage people to join, the site offers a section with success stories. Most of these are for long-term dating, as the site offers a mixture for all. However, there have also been millions of casual relationships and one night stands formed through the site.

While offering a wide range of options, the site also offers dating advice. Whether you're single and looking for love, someone looking for a quick one night stand, or just need advice when it comes to relationships, it's worth hanging around the site and checking out the blog posts and articles.

Zoosk is free to join and use, which is the way many sites are starting to go. It is also available online and through the app, so you can check out profiles on the go. If you're away on holiday, you can change your location easily and find a one night stand while away - just be safe!

  • A Popular Dating Website 
  • Easy to Navigate Layout App
  • Zoosk Messenger - Chat on Zoosk and Facebook at The Same Time
  • Logging In To Through Facebook

iOS | Android

#6 AshleyMadison


You may have heard about AshleyMadison a few years ago. The site was hacked and users' details were exposed. This case quickly made the news, but that hasn't stopped the site from running. There are still millions of people using it around the world - and for good reason. It's perfect for one night stands and affair dating.

There's a particular group of people the site targets: married people. The tag line is "Life is short. Have an affair," encouraging unfaithful relationships. However, it can also open the door to many other types of sexual encounters, including threesomes and swinging. You never know what you can find until you look deeper with an open mind.

You'll need to create a profile, but it is quick and easy. There's no linking to social media accounts, as the site understands that you'll want discretion. Not everyone is there with their spouse's knowledge. One of the perks is connections to the men and women who travel. They're always looking for a quick booty call when they land in a city for work or for fun and many will turn to AshleyMadison to find it.

  • Best for Affair Dating And Discreet Relationship
  • An Active One Night Stand App
  • Send Gifts to Female members
  • Female Members Use The Site for Free

iOS | Android

#7 Flirt


As the name suggests, this is a site that is designed to connect mostly through messaging. Women have the ability to message men on the site for free, giving them more control over the people they're interested in and the types of relationships they'd like. As a man, you'll want to make it clear on your profile that you're looking for one night sex, as that will increase the chances of a woman messaging for that.

One of the downsides is the need to sign up first. You'll have to take the site's word for it that there are millions of users. There are also people on the site who want to just talk. One of the site's pointers is that people can flirt without intent, which can be frustrating for those looking for a one night stand. However, the site does use matchmaking technology to attract the right people.

Flirt is a great place for people to go their first time on a dating profile. There are startup tips to make your profile stand out and you can get into the swing of flirting and getting to know people. From there, you can slowly take it to the next level.

  • Free Basic Account
  • No Matching Algorithm
  • Hot Or Not
  • Chatrooms - Meet Me

#8 Badoo


When you want to meet new people and find quick hookups, Badoo dating app is a top place to turn. The site has a modern look and feel and you wouldn't initially think from the look of it that it's a dating site. You'll not need to feel uncomfortable if someone walks in while you're browsing. Well, unless you're in the middle of some dirty chatting that is…

You get the chance to browse the site and profiles before you create a free account. This gives you the ability to check out the people near you to ensure you're looking in the right place. You'll even get to see clear images to determine if they're right for you!

One thing that Badoo offers that many other dating sites don't is the chance to look further into the profiles. You'll see their interests, the number of people who like them, and their rough location to you on a map.

On top of that, there's a tagline for profiles. You can say in just one phrase what you're looking for, giving you the chance to share that you're looking for a one night stand or two.

  • Easy to Use One Night Stand App
  • Profile Verification
  • Register By Connecting Social Media Accounts
  • Lookalike Feature - Find Similar Profile You Like

iOS | Android

#9 ShagBook


When it comes to the most popular and oldest sites around, Shagbook.com is the place to turn. This adult dating site gives you the chance to immediately locate by country, so you can make sure the potential matches are only relevant to you.

There are two types of people on the site: those looking for one night stands and those looking for "friends with benefits." Both offer you the chance to have no strings attached sex. There is guaranteed to be someone looking for the same thing you are, and you can check them all out for free both through the site and the app.

Everything is kept 100% anonymous on the site. There's no need to worry about what your friends in your personal life thing or worry about your employer finding out. You're in a win-win situation.

There are even niche dating sites under the same brand. Looking for an LGBTQ relationship or someone older? There are options available.

#10 JustOneNightStands


The next option is popular because it's extremely clear what it offer: it's all about one night stands and one nights stands only. The downside is that the site is only set up for heterosexual relationships, with the dropdown menu on the homepage making that clear. However, there are different sections for your one night stand needs, whether you're looking for affairs, no strings attached sex, or just a little bit of naughty chat room fun.

One of the benefits is the use of testimonials from site users. You get to find out what people really think about the dating site, whether it's been successful or not. Very few sites offer these sorts of testimonials.

Signing up is easy, but you do need to sign up before you get to see the profiles on the site. You'll also need to make sure the location is on the right place, which can be easily overlooked when signing up as it's in the top right-hand corner.

#11 Real-OneNightStand


Finally, it's all about Real-Onenightstand.com. From the start, you'll know that this site has everything you need. The signup process offers all types of dating, whether you're looking for men, women, trans, and more. It's completely inclusive.

You also get the advantage of finding people securely and privately. Everything is as anonymous as you want it to be, giving you the ease of searching for those one night stands. Whether you're looking for affair dating or just want to keep your sex life private from your boss or your friends, you can do that instantly.

Signing up is an easy 5-step process and completely free. You'll get an instant look at the profiles available in your area to start having your no strings attached fun. Unfortunately, you can't take a quick look at profiles before signing up to the site and there are no testimonials to put your mind at ease. At least signing up is free and quick!

Your final decision will depend on what you want to gain from these one night stand sites and apps. If you want something that is reliable and has millions of users (increasing your chance of success in casual hookups) then you'll want to opt for AdultFriendFinder. However, think about your needs and preferences in terms of layout and trialing a site.